"Photo With Love" by Ana Abrao



I´m about to live a dream!

Would you like to come with me?

Traveling around the world


I challenged myself to a new goal: travel the world with no rush along with my camera


Why? What for? Life is made of small things, brief moments, experiences and learning from it. Getting to know other countries and, above all, understand other cultures has always been a passion. Therefore, mixing Photography (an old passion) and the will to travel, the very word passion becomes too strong altogether. Nothing stopping me now, travelling the world in no hurry, because being in a hurry, we miss the best of the places and people around have to offer. Making this dream come true, I will go on a trip without limits, savouring every moment, every place, every meeting and all the discoveries, yet to be made. I consider this initiative an investment in my own growth and I want to share my experiences with you.


I want to get inside people´s minds through their eyes. I want to go beyond the portrait, I want to find out who they are, how they live, what do they think and which are their dreams. I want to stimulate interactions and live positive and rich experiences.


I want to expand my vision worldwide and I wish I can better understand cultural differences. I want to leave my own comfort zone and grow with this experience.


I want the reader to take part of this experience and to dream along with me. I want to express my opinion, my feelings and my thoughts. I want to share portraits along with the person´s stories and I expect to share unique experiences … 

Images that tell a story

Lives, cultures, colours, experiences, emotions, images, smells, sounds, movements … I want to tell stories of the world!

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