Hi there!
I´m Ana Abrão.

— The woman behind the camera.

I am in love with Photography and living in south Portugal, (one of the best corners in the world :-), for almost 2 decades, after being born and living in Brasil, where I studied and followed an academic career. At a certain moment in my daily life, I decided to change my path and seek my inner feeling of being inspired by this amazing place that I see, often behind my camera as I dwell through the Algarve and its hidden beauties. Although, loving different areas of photography, I am specialised in corporate and wedding photography. Whatever I do for you I`ll do with commitment, with passion and with a great sense of aesthetic value.

When I am not at work, I wish with all my cells and neurons, to travel the world with my camera at hand. I want to get in touch with people from different cultures, I want to know about cultural diversities and their inherent beauty. I want to know about who they are and capture their personality through their eyes. I want my pictures to be the reflection of who they are, to show their most beautiful expressions and the best part of themselves. I want to tell their stories to the world..,

Ana Abrao represents Portugal in international photography contests and eventually takes part of photography salons as jury. She is recognised as PPSA by the Photographic Society of America and also has the “Artist” and “Excellence” recognition (AFIAP, EFIAP) by the European Association International Federation of Photographic Art.

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Many thanks to Fernando Quintino for the aerial footage.

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