The closing of the Camel fair in Pushkar coincides with day of a full moon. Until yesterday many businesses were on stand-by, houses  were yet not build, decisions had not yet taken place, weddings had not yet happened, etc . From today, it all comes alive. It is the right time to build, to start, to restart. Today is the day everyone comes to a halt in order to celebrate the “day”.Describing what I see, live and feel, seems to be such a difficult task. From one day to the other, people representing all villagers, ethnics, casts and religions arrive to take part in the last days of festivities and the ceremonies of purification at the lake.

A simple stroll along the streets and your senses come alive in a mesmerizing way that you for a moment have difficulty focusing yourself in a particular thing. It is too much information for your brain to process: painted naked bodies, voices, colours, forms, smells, textures, expressions, chants, sounding horns, (lots and lots!!), exotic faces, dresses and clothes that you can identify its origin, an overwhelming amount of information that your brain can only process a small amount.

At the end of the day I feel like a weekend athlete that just finished running a marathon: I am exhausted! 🙂

A paradise for Photographers and those that love Photography! At the same time, trying to get images with a high level of quality is a huge challenge.

I feel truly privileged and happy to be here.

camel-fair-closing-date-ana-abrao-1 camel-fair-closing-date-ana-abrao-2
camel-fair-closing-date-ana-abrao-6 camel-fair-closing-date-ana-abrao camel-fair-closing-day-ana-abrao-2 camel-fair-closing-day-ana-abrao
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