I woke up inspired today, feeling good and thinking about photography …

Moving shapes 6

I was talking to myself: “What if I do this, match it with that one, apply whatever and at the end add some contrast?” 🙂 And that’s what I did. Camera in hands, 400mm lens, no filters, about 2pm. With the camera programmed to different speeds between 1/10 and 1/30, I´ve done some tests with different hand movements (circular, semi-circular, vertical, horizontal, etc.) in order to capture different elements in a garden. At the end and in accordance with the best “drawings” achieved with color and light tracks, I decided to select four photos for experimental composition. Adding layer masks in Photoshop and playing with the hide/reveal brush, I decided the most interesting movements of each image to be part of the final image. At the end … I added some contrast. 🙂

Simple task but very fun and exciting just because of involving Photography, Movement and Art.

Did you have similar experiences? Did you already applied the idea in different contexts? Share your thoughts!  Would you like to apply it in your own way? Feel free to send questions.

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