Decorated camels, painted cows, giant wheels, cotton candy, sugarcane juice, typical handicrafts for sale, hawkers everywhere, music that I don´t understand the style, so loud is the sound, horns. There is a festivity atmosphere.

I walk slowly towards the camel fair, with my thoughts on another planet. Suddenly my eyes are stuck on an unknown girl and in a small fraction of a second I make the journey back to the present. A naive beauty that I can not fit into any pattern. Could she be produced as a model?

She is near the entrance to the fair. Her work is to ask for money to be photographed. By personal choice, I don´t pay for portraits but the impulse is greater than logical reasoning (if I photograph, then I paid). I calculate, I shoot, I check the display, I am astonished and I do not hide the surprise. Beautiful.

She looks at me and hides a smile. She does not ask for money.

I wonder who is the person behind the beautiful face…


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