Kakun arrived at Pushkar with her 4 children and her husband. They came for the Mela, (camel fair), that takes place every year. Her husband tries to make some money by doing music performances.

She awaits with her children in a nearby field. Having no tend, she will spend the next ten days under a tree, making it her home whilst they stay at Pushkar.

She has some water for drinking and cooking, yet she washes her pans with earth, using her hands.

One hanging bag, is her improvised wardrobe where their belongings are kept.
A piece of cloth tied to the branches becomes a rocking chair for the infant.

I observe without demonstrating the inner squeeze that my heart feels while watching this scene.

I am visiting this family, invited by my friend, Eliane Bandd, which had already met them the previous year.

At arrival we where greeted with joy. The kids are ever so happy, they ask for chocolate, we promise to bring them bananas, the following day.

We try to communicate, them in Hindi, us in English 🙂 we laugh, play with the kids, I photograph and offer them instantaneous prints, which makes the highlight of the day for them.

I leave with a grasped feeling….knowing how important it is not to forget that we need to value the simple things in life, that we so much take for granted.

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