We live in a world full of conflicts arising from racial prejudices. Because of this, it is worth questioning what needs to be done in order to establish a peaceful and healthy relationship between the different cultures of the planet.

Livia in the Karni Mata Temple

In the Karni Mata temple (Bikaner, Rajasthan, India) the rats are considered sacred, therefore, are carefully treated with milk, water, feed and a kind of cheese. Decorated in marble and gold, this temple is visited daily by believers who hope to be blessed with the passage of one of the mice by their feet.

Believers and visitors are invited to leave their shoes outside, at the entrance, so that impurities are not taken into the religious space. Paradoxically, the entire internal floor is full of fecal droppings, urine and food remains.

I observe dozens of believers and their expression of faith while making prayers,  having the rats trying to climb their legs… it makes me think about cultural differences.


It’s probably what makes travel photography so exciting: to capture creatively, unique moments of other culture, with its expressions, attitudes, customs and beliefs. To let the viewers know the intrinsic beauty of people, respecting their social identity, different, but unique and positive.


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